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Men Saving Film: Tarantino and PT Anderson on 70 mm and The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino is a man who stood his ground on the topic of “Film vs Digital” ever since digital started biting into the gorgeous medium (Film) and one by one, film makers started to turn to the much cheaper medium (Digital). He labels Digital technology as “TV in public” and detests it to say the least.
But this time, QT and the Weinstein Company have done something extraordinary with their 70 mm movie, The Hateful Eight.

In this interview, QT sat down with Paul Thomas Anderson to talk about film and the use of 70 mm in The Hateful Eight.

Quentin: I didn’t realize how much of a lost cause [35mm] was. At the same time I didn’t realize to the same extent 70mm would be a drawing point. Not just to me and other film geeks. There is no intelligent argument to be had that puts digital in front of [70mm]. It actually might be film’s saving grace. Film’s last stand. Film’s last night in the arena — and actually conquer.

Paul Thomas Anderson: It was something that we could grow outside just a specialized thing. I never for a second thought we’d have a legitimate 70mm run. It was clear that people were coming out for that more than the 35mm.