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Escape Plan Review: If you have the time

Rating: 3/5

Director: Mikael Håfströom

A title and promo of a film like this does a lot of things. One of the key things being the rise of very specific expectations, especially from the plot. Prison break movies are much loved and take us back to some classics that we aren’t needed to name in the moment, now. With a factor like this it is inevitable to expect differentiation and uniqueness. OR_Escape Plan 2013 movie Wallpaper 1440x900Escape Plan does that partially. A prison break movie with unexpected twists. Some that work really well and some that might get you slightly disappointed. A Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzeneggar duo does not need a description. The sharpness of the plot and the meandering of the screenplay excite you a little too much around 20 minutes into the film. As we take in more and more the fist starts to lose its grip. Conceptually, Escape Plan stands convincingly tall amongst many others from this genre. However, it gets increasingly difficult to stay convinced with minor rays of hope (of staying convinced) beaming in at intervals. Creating an ideal escape situation is not a simple task but Escape Plan doesn’t only do it with the use of technology that is inaccessible for audiences while attempting to contemplate about its use, practically. Which is something quite interesting. escape-plan-still-579x360

The plot loses its intellectuality and delves into hardcore escape action at points that I will not disclose, which could be excessively disappointing as those rays of hope seem to have gone begging during these circumstances. When twists are written to surprise and convince you, and they don’t really do that, feelings of incompleteness surround your thoughts about the strength of the narrative. Inmate fight scenes are like a hand in hand deal with films belonging to this genre but the ones in Escape Plan have an interesting relationship with the main plot. The film lies low when it comes predictiveness and has a pace-y screenplay.
Overall, Escape Plan is a decent watch that you might want to experience. I give the film 3 out of 5.