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A brilliant article by Paula McGlynn

Bollywood Unmasked: The Real Potential of BC Film and Media Collaborations with India

Paula McGlynn is completing her BFA with Simon Fraser University, and finished the Film Production program in 2012 with her thesis film, My Uncle Terry (selected for the Montreal World Film Festival).

She has won awards such as the Praxis Student Screenplay Award in 2011, and was selected for the DOXA Kris Anderson Youth Connexions program in May 2012.  Twice the recipient of the SFU Mobility fund for her research on the film industry, Paula McGlynn has strong networks between both the Indian and Vancouver film industry.

Paula is blogging on films, India, and writing short stories. She is also modelling and studying acting. She is currently develo ping the script for her first feature, The Benefits of Living in Bombay- A coming-of-age story about an NGO intern in Mumbai who gets an Indian sugar daddy to make ends meet.


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